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  • High protein, low calorie Simply Snackin' gourmet dried meats are the preferred choice of on-the-go people leading or adopting active, healthy lifestyles. Simply Snackin products deliver an experience unlike any conventional jerky bite after bite of moist, lean, savory chicken breast, beef sirloin or venison paired with flavorful mangos, apples, blueberries and other artisan ingredients. Lean & tasty with no MSG or trans fat.

  • Beef

    Nutrition Bold Original Cranberries & Blueberries Apples & Cherries Teriyaki w/ Pineapple
    Calories: 60 60 60 60
    Fat: 3g 3g 3g 3g
    Carbs: 0g 4g 3g 4g
    Protein: 10g 8g 8g 8g


    Nutrition Chicken’N Cherries Black Bean Chicken Italian Chicken Teriyaki Chicken
    Calories: 60 60 60 60
    Fat: 1g 1g 1g 1g
    Carbs: 3g 3g 3g 4g
    Protein: 10g 11g 11g 10g


    Nutrition Orchard Venison 2 Reds Venison
    Calories: 60 60
    Fat: 2g 2g
    Carbs: 3g 3g
    Protein: 9g 9g
  • Signature Beef-BOLD Original: A Blend of 100% LEAN, Grass Fed BEEF and spices that include Sea Salt, Organic Pepper & Garlic, and a touch of Cayenne. Lightly Smoked. Roasted slow & low. Simply crafted for FLAVOR & to support your health & wellness goals.

    Orchard Beef with Apples & Cherries: Combines fruit from the orchard - APPLES & CHERRIES with LEAN 100% Grass Fed BEEF, and select spices. Lightly Smoked. Leisurely Roasted.

    Teriyaki with Pinapples: LEAN, 100% Grass Fed BEEF with PINEAPPLES seasoned with a mellow crafted TERIYAKI sauce and select spices. Roasted Long & Low. Lightly Smoked.

    Northwoods Beef with Cranberries & Blueberries: LEAN 100% Grass Fed BEEF and features 2 berries typically harvested from the Northwoods: CRANBERRIES & BLUEBERRIES! Add select spices. Leisurely Roast. Lightly Smoked.

    Chicken'N Cherries with BBQ: A slightly smokey BBQ seasoning mixes well with LEAN 100% CHICKEN BREAST, select spices & CHERRIES with just a hint of natural sweetness. Lightly Smoke. Leisurely Roast.

    Black Bean Chicken with Red Peppers & Salsa: A SPICY salsa mix of tomatoes, red bell peppers, black beans,JALAPENOS and LEAN 100% CHICKEN BREAST with select seasoning. Lightly Smoked. Leisurely Roasted.

    Italian Chicken with Romano: An ITALIAN seasoning blend joins roasted red bell peppers, shallots and LEAN 100% CHICKEN BREAST with our favorite spices and a pinch of grated ROMANO CHEESE. Lightly Roasted. Leisurely Roasted.

    Teriyaki Chicken with Mangos:Gluten free Teriyaki sauce, select spices, LEAN 100% CHICKEN BREAST and a touch of the tropics with MANGOS. Lightly Smoked. Leisurely Roasted.

    Orchard Venison with Apples: LEAN, tender VENISON, Apples from the orchard, a pinch of Grass Fed Beef (5% or less in this recipe) and select spices. Lightly Smoked. Leisurely Roasted.

    2 Reds Venison with Cranberries & Cherries: LEAN, tender VENISON meets up with 2 REDS - Cranberries & Cherries! Add a pinch of Grass Fed Beef (5% or less in this recipe), and select spices. Leisurely Roast. Lightly Smoked.

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