What is a Sneal®?

The Sneal® is a term created by Dr. Ray Powell, MD for his medical weight management patients. It is not just one food. It is a concept that he teaches his patients on how to increase satisfaction, decrease hunger, protect their muscle mass, stabilize blood sugars and insulin levels, increase their energy level and ultimately lose weight all at the same time through what they are eating. A Sneal® ranges from 60 to 250 calories, it has to be: Quick, Convenient, Portable, Single-serving, taste great and have an equal protein to carb ratio and to be lean as possible. It is a process of learning how your body works with you or against you and so can food. This is very difficult to find in the grocery store. Carbessentials only carries Sneals® with Dr. Powell’s seal of approval.

Dr. Powell's expert product selection makes CarbEssentials different than other diet plan out there.

The Carbessentials difference is that there is a board certified Physician Nutrition Specialist and board certified Obesity Medicine Specialist Physician, Dr. Ray Powell, MD who has created a store for his weight management patients. Dr.Powell personally selects each Sneal® for its high quality and convenience for people that are on the go and have busy lifestyles. He is the purchasing agent and travels to many of the national food shows, as well as sports shows looking for these Sneals®.

You also have to remember that these are Sneals® his patients have been using in his medical weight management practice for over 15 years. That means that these Sneals® are truly tested by real patients with real lives and real taste buds. If the patients did not like a product or did not use it they would not be reordered and Dr. Powell would move on to finding other Sneals®.

Carbessentials.net with Dr. Powell’s guidance was one of the first nutritional websites of its kind that separated out the nutrition for specific dietary requirements. We have product categories that are all protein supplemented but are Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Lactose-Free, Whey-only, Kosher, Low Sugar, Vegetarian, High Fiber, and Low Sodium. This makes it so much easier for the customer to find specialized nutrition keeping in mind that they are doctor selected, patient used and approved, and all protein supplemented.