Sneal Rewards Program



1. How do I sign up?

You have two options: 1. Visit the CarbEssentials Store & sign up with one of the employees. Once you receive your activation email, follow the directions to set your password & start earning Sneal® Rewards. 2. Visit & click the green “Sneal® Rewards Program” tab (located on the left side of the screen) and create your store account.

2. What if I already have a store account?

Good news, you're already earning points! Check your email, or with an Employee at the CarbEssentials store!

3. Do my points expire?

Each point accumulated must be redeemed and used by the end of each calendar year, December 31st.

4. How can I earn points?

Lots of ways! Purchase products at the CarbEssentials store. Or online at, refer friends, share us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram.

5. What locations can I earn points?

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent at all CarbEssentials stores or online at Points available to earn and redeem in-store everyday.

6. How do I redeem my points?

In store: At checkout, ask how many points your have available. Online: Simply use your coupon code at checkout.

*Rewards cannot be redeemed for Gift Certificates. 


1. Place an order. 

1 Sneal® Reward for every $1.00 spent. Points will be awarded when the order is paid or shipped.

2. Welcome Points.

25 Sneal® Rewards. Points will be awarded to new customers.

3. Refer A Friend.

25 Sneal® Rewards to the referring customer. 10% coupon to the referred customer. Points awarded when referred customer makes their first purchase.

4. Sharing on Facebook.

50 Sneal® Rewards. Points awarded on first share on Facebook.

5. Follow on Instagram.

50 Sneal® Rewards. Points awarded on first follow of @carbessentials.


Discounts valid on CarbEssentials Products ONLY.

FREE Shipping: 200 Sneal® Rewards

$5 OFF:  200 Sneal® Rewards

$20 OFF:  500 Sneal® Rewards

$60 OFF:  1000 Sneal® Rewards

$150 OFF: 2000 Sneal® Rewards

 *These are subject to change at any time.