Six Tricks to Avoid Treats this Halloween

Six Tricks to Avoid Treats this Halloween

Six Ticks To Avoid Treats This Halloween

Halloween can be pretty darn tricky if you’re trying to stick to a diet plan. Regular sugary treats that you’d otherwise be able to resist shrink down to delectable, fun-size versions. Having just one certainly can’t be so bad, right?

Most likely not, but the problem is, we normally don’t just have ONE. We tell ourselves 'one wont hurt', then what happens is we have a few more until we look down and there is a pile of tiny wrappers that is now equivalent to a king size candy bar. Not to mention your kids’ massive trick-or-treating supply that takes weeks to munch through, adding additional calories and pounds.

To help steer the holiday in a healthier way, we would like to share the best tips to control your sweet tooth, indulge without going overboard.

 1. Stick To Your Regularly Scheduled Sneals®

 Don’t be tempted to skip a few Sneals® on Halloween so you can bank your calories for those sweet treats that are sure to head your way. The worst thing you can do is not eat; if you’re hungry you will have no willpower to resist. Instead eat your usual Sneals® during the day with a high protein Sneal® right before the Halloween festivities begin. If you feel full you will not be as likely to go overboard on the treats.

 2. Buy Your Candy Last Minute

 Buy your candy the day of Halloween, that way you are not tempted to dip into the candy stash on a daily basis. Also don’t buy your favorite candy, buy candy you don’t particularly like that way you’re not lured in, if you are a chocolate fan then go for the gummy or tart candies.

 3. Be The ‘Boring’ House On The Block

 If you are the kind of person who will eat whatever is around the house, don’t set yourself up for failure by stocking up on candy. Have you considered passing out non-candy goodies? Perhaps from the dollar store, toys, temporary tattoos, sticker, etc. Or healthier options like boxes of raisins or nuts? You might get some kids thinking you’re not the coolest house on the block but at least their parents will like you!

 4. Take Control

 Okay, yes it is Halloween, a holiday dedicated to treats. In order to survive this holiday without derailing your diet, control your binge. Make it exact, 'you’ll only have three ‘fun-sized’ candies the entire night.' Then you can spread them out or have them all at once. If you have a plan you’re most likely to stay in control.

 5. Limit Mindless Eating

 Are you going to a Halloween party where there is sure to be endless treats? Keep your hands busy, your purse in one and a glass of water in the other. If your hands are full they are not going to be grazing the candy bowls or buffet. This will significantly reduce your temptation to nibble.

 6. For Those Of You Who Did Splurge – Bounce Back

 If you are in a sugar coma on November 1st, don’t freak out! One day will not hurt you; it is the mindset that triggers the mental game of, ‘I blew it’ that can lead you to ditch your diet. You just need to recover, make sure to stick to your six healthy Sneals® the next day and drink plenty of water and you will be ok.


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