6 Tips to get you back on track after the Holiday Pitfalls

6 Tips to get you back on track after the Holiday Pitfalls

The holidays are a notorious time for weight gain. Many people have started the New Year with resolutions to get fit, eat healthy and lose weight. Unfortunately for most these are easier said than done. Here are 6 tips to help you stick to your goals this year. 

1. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

This is the most common reason why people lose motivation.  Too often people throw in the towel because they feel they have blown it or it’s too hard. The most important thing to remember is not to berate yourself about it but rather spend the energy getting back on track. If you make a mistake or slip up, forget it and concentrate on what your next positive step is! 

2. Remind yourself what you want.

It is important to think about your goals often and visualize your success daily to help motivate yourself. Keeping pictures or affirmations in obvious spots such as the fridge, bedroom or bathroom mirror can be helpful reminders.

3. Know your weaknesses.

 Knowing what your weaknesses are can empower you to be prepared for future diet mistakes. If you are likely to snack in the car have the right SNEALS® available, if you pick while preparing meals eat a piece of meat, if party food is your weakness then take healthy SNEALS® or eat a SNEAL® or a lean piece of meat before you go. Be prepared!

4. Set yourself short term goals.

One bite, sip and sneal® at a time. This can help you achieve your long-term goals with small steps. Drink more water, then once you have achieved this move onto eating more servings of vegetables and so on. 

5. Understand why you went off track in the first place.

 Did you overeat because you felt upset, tired or frustrated? Understand why you are not sticking to your plan and find other solutions that do not involve food.

6. Get support.

Friends and family can all help you! Dr. Powell has two locations open during the week, stop by for your weekly weigh in for this exact reason! Being accountable to others can help you stay on track and has been shown to increase success!


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