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Legendary Foods

Legendary Foods Tasty Pastry

Legendary Foods Tasty Pastry

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BIGGER, THICKER & TASTIER than any pastry ever before. These delicious protein-packed tasty pastries are bursting with so much flavor! It’s time to celebrate because tasty pastries are a completely new way to reach your daily protein needs. The recipe combines an incredible nutrition profile with Legendary flavor to create the perfect guilt-free sneal®. Each pastry has 20g of protein, and 180 calories. It’s everything you want out of a low carb, protein-packed sneal® - all with impossibly delicious flavors. Enjoy it lightly warmed in the microwave or straight out of the wrapper. Your Legendary experience awaits.

Product Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Protein
All Flavors
180 8g
7g 20g


Birthday Cake:


Brown Sugar Cinnamon:

Chocolate Cake:

Cookies & Cream:

Hot Fudge Sundae:

Red Velvet:


SPECIALIZED: (the following variants are the specialized options)

  • Caffeinated: No
  • Gluten Free: All
  • High Fiber: All
  • Kosher: No
  • Lactose Free: No
  • Low Sugar: All
  • Soy Free: All
  • Vegetarian: All
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