Affiliate Program

Extra Income for Bariatric Care

1. Recommend our quality, physician-reviewed food items to your patients
2. Generate monthly income

Through the CarbEssentials Affiliate program, you will have the confidence knowing your patients are on the quality diet they need while increasing your monthly income with almost no effort by you.

How It Works

SIGN UP - It's easy to become a CarbEssentials Affiliate

TELL YOUR PATIENTS ABOUT CARBESSENTIALS - Tell your patients about our quality dietary products on through:

  • Our easy-to-add website interface
  • Referral Materials we provide you

GET PAID - You will receive a monthly payment based on sales generated by your customers for the previous month.

What is Snealing?

The concept of Snealing was developed by Ray Powell, MD, to support his patients in his bariatric medical practice in Redding, California.

Dr. Powell teaches his patients to eat high quality meals throughout the day.

How Do I Sign Up?

  1. Submit your application for a CarbEssentials Bariatric Program Account (applicants must be part of a bariatric program providing medical weight management care).
  2. Once approved, we will provide information and artwork that can be added to your website to link your patients to the CarbEssentials Online Store. You will also get Referral Materials to have at your office. These materials will include a code that will identify any of your patients who place orders on the site.
  3. Anyone who places an order on the site will be tracked for that and all future orders.
  4. Each month, you will be issued a check for your percentage of sales.

For more information, contact Dr. Powell or Dominique Powell at 530-222-5459