How to Best Use This Site

Hello and welcome to,

This is Dr. Ray Powell, MD. I am the creator of this on-line store. This page is just to give you some basic instructions on how to use this site and some of the important concepts about the store and how and why it was created.

If you have read the other introductory comments about this site you have been introduced briefly to my concept of the word the Sneal®.

It is a complex concept about human physiology and nutrition that I teach my patients on how to approach their bodies with food. It is NOT just one food. It is how to put food together or to find high quality items that will work.

What I am very sensitive to how busy my patients lifestyles are and what I see in quite a few of my patients is that they DON’T eat often enough or enough throughout the day and then they eat too much at one time of the day or if they do eat it’s crap.

So this site was created for them initially to order Sneals that I have done the due diligence to find that will fit into their busy lifestyles.

So how do people use this site:

  1. They right in and shop!! They know what they want and need and they go   for it
  2. Some people come to the site looking for a specific nutritional plan.
    1. I have developed calorie specific nutritional plans that an individual can use (put link to plans)
    2. Woman should not go below 1,000 calories total in a day unless directed by their healthcare provider.
    3. Men should not go below 1,400 calories total in a day unless directed by their healthcare provider.
  3. Some customers are looking for protein supplemented foods that have specific nutritional requirements. These would include Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Whey-only, and Soy-Free, etc. These are all isolated and are listed as tabs to easily separate out those specific requirements.

I hope this brief explanation has helped with explaining how to utilize the store. If you want more information on my practice or more in-depth knowledge about the science of Snealing please visit my medical website

Dr. Ray Powell, MD
Medical Director