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Bariatric Advantage

Bariatric Advantage Multi-Form Chewable Vitamin

Bariatric Advantage Multi-Form Chewable Vitamin

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  • Bariatric Advantage complete chewable multi-formula is designed to specifically meet the nutritional needs of those who have undergone bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass. This formula is made of the highest quality, most bioavailable nutrient forms. It is designed to be hypoallergenic, great tasting, and easy to digest and absorb. Includes a comprehensive B-Complex and trace minerals. Available in flavors: Berry and Orange.

  • Nutrients Amount
    Calories: 10
    Carbohydrates: 2g
    Sugar: <1g
    Vitamin A: 7500IU
    Vitamin C: 120mg
    Vitamin D3: 1000IU
    Vitamin E: 30IU
    Vitamin B1: 6mg
    Vitamin B2: 3.4mg
    Niacinamide: 50mg
    Vitamin B6: 4mg
    Folic Acid: 800mcg
    Vitamin B12: 100mcg
    Biotin: 600mcg
    Pantothenic Acid: 20mg
    Calcium: 200mg
    Magnesium: 50mg
    Zinc: 15mg
    Selenium: 100mcg
    Copper: 2mg
    Manganese: 2mg
    Chromium: 120mcg
    Molybdenum: 75mcg
    Sodium: 10mg
    Citrus Fruit Peel Bioflavonoids Complex: 12.5mg
    Inositol: 5mg
    Choline: 2mg
    Vanadium: 25mcg

SPECIALIZED: (the following variants are the specialized options)

  • Caffeinated:
  • Gluten Free:
  • High Fiber:
  • Kosher:
  • Lactose Free:
  • Low Sugar:
  • Soy Free:
  • Vegetarian:
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