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Sweet Quickstart Bundles

Sweet Quickstart Bundles

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  • We have created these 800ish, 1000ish, 1200ish Quickstart 1 week (7day) Sweet Bundles. It has an assortment of our top selling products! Below you can see the total days nutrition.

    Rules Of Engagement

    You can mix these in any order but keep the assortment through the day as described. Don't just eat all the chips in one day. :)

    Drink a glass of water with each Sneal®.

    The 800ish bundle is the lowest we want you to go in calories, if you need more...EAT! Have an extra one!

    Remember this is for 7 days.

    Don't forget to reorder before you run out–allow for shipping days.

    Check out our savory bundles too. Mix up your weeks.

    **This is a set plan, no substitutions. 

  • 800 Nutrition Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Protein
    Caramel Crunch Bar:
    170 5.5g 16g 2g 15g
    Chocolate Shake: 200 3g 15g 1g 29g
    HealthyWeight Crisps: 130 4.5g 5g 0g 16g
    Variety Pack Bars: 160 5g 18g 5g 15g
    Variety Hot Chocolate: 80
    1g 4g 1g 15g
    Chocolate Mini Crisps: 120 3.5g 12g 1g 12g
    Daily Total: 860
    22.5g 70-10 = 60g Net Carbs 10g 102g
    1000 Nutrition Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Protein
    Table Above:
    22.5g 70g 10g 102g
    CarbEssentials Dinner: 210 4g 34g 1g 12g
    Daily Total: 1070 26g 104-11 = 93g Net Carbs 11g 114g
    1200 Nutrition Calories Fat Carbs Fiber Protein
    Table Above:
    26g 104g 11g 114g
    ProtiDiet Crispy Bite: 160 7g 17g 0g 12g
    Daily Total: 1070 26g 121-11 = 93g Net Carbs 11g 126g
  • 800 Calorie Bundle

    HealthyWeight Protein Bar - Caramel Crunch

    CarbEssentials Weight & Inches Shake - Chocolate

    HealthyWeight Protein Crisps - Salted Caramel (x4), Strawberry (x3)

    CarbEssentials 15g Bars - Variety Pack

    HealthyWeight Hot Drinks - Variety Pack

    1000 Calorie Bundle

    All Products from the 800 bundle +

    CarbEssentials Dinner - Macaroni & Cheese, Fettuccini Alfredo

    1200 Calorie Bundle

    All Products from the 800 and 1000 bundle +

    ProtiDiet Crispy Bites - Chocolate & Caramel

SPECIALIZED: (the following variants are the specialized options)

  • Caffeinated:
  • Gluten Free:
  • High Fiber:
  • Kosher:
  • Lactose Free:
  • Low Sugar:
  • Soy Free:
  • Vegetarian:
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